My Journey In Digital World

Hi friends, here I want to tell you about myself, my attraction for internet and how I became interested in digital Marketing and finally doing the job that I love.

I was born in Maharashtra but my education upto 12th  was from Hyderabad.I was always interested in computers but in school the computer education was limited to only playing games in DOS as computers were just introduced at that time in 1992 in our school.

I was first introduced to the world of internet in 1995 and wanted to do my further graduation studies in computers but I was advised to take a Engineering degree in a core field and then specialize in computers if I wanted to study further. But I did not get much exposure to computers during my Engineering and I lost the interest in computers and so after completing my Mechanical engineering I decided to do masters in Marketing management. During the MBA period the interaction with computers was limited to preparing project reports and power point presentations and due to the heavy course syllabus we could not get much time to explore the internet. So after completing my P.G.D.M, I got a job through campus placement and was in New Delhi for 5 years as a Marketing Manager. It was the year 2007 when I bought my first computer and started to search online for side income.

I was engaged in a lot of scams initially related to make money online but was also learning a lot of new things which helped me in the later stage of my life as people say that education never gets waste.