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Long Tail Pro Review – Best tool for Keyword Research in 2018

What Is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro (LTP) is a keyword research tool of choice for many online businesses. LTP keyword research Tool helps you to reveal the search terms that your audience is using to find all relevant information on the website.

This clean and sleek design LTP tool was developed by Spencer Haws and his team to solve a need in the marketplace for people who want to find long tail keywords.

If you want to make quick money online with niche sites or through other online businesses, Long Tail Pro can be ideally implemented. LTP can cut down the amount of time and effort required in finding such task and literally finds them for you.

Long Tail Pro (LTP) was launched in the year 2012 that has been steadily growing in popularity and now it has become one of the best keyword tools on the market.

As the name suggests, Long Tail Pro Tool focuses on the Long Tail Keywords, those keywords contains four or more words. Apart from that, these tools are not as expensive as other tools, but for an absolute beginner, it might be a bit expensive.

In Long Tail Pro, there are three monthly subscriptions packs available that users can choose what they find best for them. The first monthly plan is available at just $37/month, while Monthly Pro plan can be availed at just $67 and Monthly Agency plan is available at $147. Also, all these packages offer different features where all features of LTP can be unlocked by purchasing the highest plan.

To Whom LTP is for?

A person who is craving for keyword research and has the limited time, then this software can help you drastically to start making money. The Long Tail Pro tool is helpful for newbies or anyone that can use this tool can be benefitted from it. Also, one who wants a quicker tool, with a modern interface then TLP can fulfill their need.

LTP’s Features –

1. Keyword Suggestion Tool –

Long Tail Pro is used as the Keyword Suggestion Tool where you will get up to 800 keyword suggestions per seed keyword purely that people search for on the search engines.

2. Powerful Marketing Tool –

Long Tail Pro helps you in comprehending your all latent visitors or customers that they want to find online. Thus it gives you an unparalleled convenience in the Marketing that you have not experienced so far.

3. Search Engine Data Collector –

Long Tail Pro also gives you important data for any single keyword suggestion like monthly search volume, recommended bid or proposal, and advertiser competition as well.

4. Competitor Analysis Program –

Long Tail Pro offers you unmatched competition analysis. Pressing the mouse button, you’ll get know all about your keyword. With the help of this tool, you can also investigate your keyword by checking the top 10 competing sites where you comprehend all of their flaws as well.

5. Rank Checker Tool –

Long Tail Pro is also a great rank checker tool that allows you to track your rankings for the keywords that you wish to post on your websites. In LTP, the rank tracker feature enables you to track the rank of your target keywords. With the help of that, you can also see whether it is improved or declined over time. Apart from this, it also tracks the number of pages you have ranked within a range, where you get a more generalized look to your website whether it is improving or losing rank over time.

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How does LTP work?

Long Tail Pro Tool adopts the Google Keyword Tool data and presents it in an easier way to use interface. If the software is removed unexpectedly then there is a need to assess the competition manually by calculating the competition of keywords in the Search Engine. The LTP tool helps you drastically in this task by saving a lot of your meaningful hours and then gives you the fruitful result in Google search for the competing websites. Long Tail Pro (LTP) tool finds the money making keywords to build niche sites around.

Benefits –

1. User-Friendly and Simple to Use –

Compared to the other complicated research tools in the market those are mostly disliked by the users, there is an easier research tool available in the form of Long Tail Pro (LTP) which is very convenient to use and thus it is user-friendly as well. Long Tail Pro makes everything really simple and easy to understand.

2. Data For Every Keyword Metric –

The LTP tool provides you a lot of data that you can use to find ideal keywords for your business. In this tool, everything related to the keyword is available which is also excellent for people who want to use Google Adwords to buy traffic because it reveals the average bid for each keyword. With the help of Long Tail Pro, the creation of your own Ad-word campaigns can be easily performed with the full perfection for your business.

3. Filters –

This is one of the most desired features present in the Long Tail Pro Toll which is liked by most of the persons by which you can make possible the narrow down your search for getting the better results. There are a lot of filters available in TLP that will reveal or remove the specific keywords.

4. Competition Analysis –

In Long Tail Pro, competition analysis of keyword is one the most important features when targeting long tail keyword phrases. This feature is liked by most of the users because it shows the rank of your website for the targetted keyword. Apart from this, it also gives you a little insight that how you can rank for that keyword and stand out from your competition because it might be a difficult task to rank your website because there are a lot of authority websites ranking for your keyword. Also, you can also find this manually with the help of quick Google search, but this only improves efficiency in performing keyword research.

5. Faster –

Long Tail Pro is the faster tool compared to the other keyword tools, where from these tools, some are decent but take a long time to deliver results, so most of the users don’t want to wait around for results. Due to the faster speed, Long Tail Pro gathers data in a matter of seconds and also filters the results quickly. Although, LTP does take some time to load the databases if they have the massive number of keywords, like 800 or more results while for the closest matches it delivers results almost instantly in a matter of few seconds.

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