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How to add Free Let’s Encrypt SSL in A2hosting?

I have choosen my hosting with A2hosting as it provides you with free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates so your site is secure.I wanted my site to have the url https:// and not http:// so this is made possible when you install a SSL certificate to your site so that the data between your site and server is secure and any credit card or  payment related information put on the site is secure.

So how to add this certificate in A2hosting lets see.

First login to your cpanel and go to the SECURITY section in it. In the security section you will see SSL/TLS, click on it.

Now you will get 4 options as seen in the screen below.Click on the link below CERTIFICATES(CRT) tab .

You will find 2 certificates here , one is a self signed certificate and 1 is provided by Let’s Encrypt. We want to use the Let’s Encrypt certificate so click on install if it is not installed, most of the times it is pre installed and you will again get a message that this certificate is already installed. Great! now that the certificate is installed we now have to do a few more settings before we see our site changed from http:// to https://.

Now switch over to your wordpress dashboard and head over to plugins. We now need to add a simple plugin which will help us to make our job much easier. Under the plugins section click Add New and in the search box type simple ssl and  you will see the first result as a plugin called REALLY SIMPLE SSL  which we are going to use. Now just click on Install Now and then Activate the plugin. That’s it you are done, now click on the dashboard button and you will get a message from the Really Simple Plugin if you want to install the ssl, just click on install and you are done, it will give a message that you will be logged out and you need to login again, click ok and you are done. When you relogin you will see that the url has changed from http:// to https://.

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